We've got 8 years to prevent irreversible damage to the planet.

To unlock the Massive Systemic Shift Required, we need to Align Incentives so Everyone to benefit directly from Reversing Climate change. That's Why we created the Citizen Stake Stock (CSS).





The Stake Stock enables you to leverage Decentralised Finance (DIFI) protocols and Blockchain Infrastructure (Master-nods) to generate Cash Flow that is Invested into Long term Cash producing Regenerative systems  (like solar, water, and reforestation projects) that generates net positive social, financial and environmental value in a decentralised and crowdsourced way with good returns.
Early Performance shows, for each 1 000€
invested investors get back 300€ / year (30% ROI)
and 1500 Kilos of Carbon will be of-set over the next 20 Years

A* Standard Carbon emissions per 1 adult in the EU is 8-10 tons a year
Q* How much do you have left until you are carbon positive?


a financial vehicle for change built by people for people and climate





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Choose one or more of the 5 options below ;)


Option 1) You can Swish to 07XXXXXXX
For each 110€ you will receive 100 CSS token

Your CSS will be locked for 1 year and will Earn You an Estimated 30% ROI


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Credit or Debit Card

Option 2) Or you can buy the CSS token packages (Small, Medium and Large) below with and Estimated 30% ROI a Year