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(re)aligning incentives:
unlock the capacity to earn by reversing climate change

a 2 hour TASK FORCE expedition beyond the ability to sustain

 With 5-7 years to prevent irreversible damage to the planet, we need to radically 

  (re)align incentives, transforming the underlying force of change to accelerate   the (r)evolution of (Re)generative & life affirming systems. 

 Join a conversation (& mingle!) on how to turn vision to action 

 2nd of June, STOCKHOLM 

 15.00-17.00 CET 

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During 2 hours we'll explore how we could (re)align incentives

to enable everyone to earn by reversing climate change. 


A zero sum game


We cannot continue to compete - inevitably exploiting natural and human resources - in a game where if one wins, the other loses. Such a zero sum system fuels a downward spiral that, combined with the exponential development of our time, accelerates the increasing gap of inequalities. 

To truly strengthen society’s capacity for co-creating, establishing and scaling solutions beyond the ability to sustain - we need to level the playing field, by fundamentally aligning incentives, amplifying the collective ability to not just survive but thrive. To regenerate. Life affirming systems.

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a pioneering task force



The Task Force Expedition builds upon a MAD Series of Breakthroughs; a No Zero Sum paradigm where Impact is Multiplied through radical Diversity. Embarking on a journey that is Challenge Driven, Mission Led and Crowdsourced. Pooling resources to unlock the collective capacity to Pioneer. 

We depart from a proven (r)evolutionary MAD framework, designed to unlock systemic change at scale through identifying the underlying forces and the needed (re)alignment of incentives to unlock - not impose change. Combining pockets of siloed social innovation to interenhancing societal systems. Leveraging the assymetric leverage points: an planet centered exponential approach. Connecting Climate Pioneers across civil society, academia, government, and private sector, to build tangible ways of addressing global challenges at community levels. Humans where the ones who built society in the first place, therefor we are the only ones who can change it. 

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