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It's time. 
To prepare. To act. 

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We've got 5-7 years to prevent irreversible damage to the planet, and thus our home. and us.
With disasters escalating around us, we need to both
prepare with urgency and take responsibility for the opportunity to shape prosperous and equitable futures.

Our Tools & Methods build on a fusion of ecosystemic transformation, business model innovation, strategic foresight, social entrepreneurship, regenerative paradigms, gamification, and speculative design.

Empirically evolved and tested throughout Pioneering Expeditions in
Extreme Environments with Individuals, Organisations Institutions, 
engaging + 30 Nationalities across 5 Continents for the last  5 Years. 

Street Protest

 Your Backpack 
 5 Sets of Tools & Questions to prepare you for actio

1. Radar

The Extream Weather Warning 

How do you detect weak signals and emergency alarms

Climate, democracies, technologies, behaviors and landscapes are changing. To both meet and shape the future, you need to understand the surroundings. And ask yourself; What future do we want to create? and steer clear from?

extreme weather warning.png

Extreme weather warnings, interspecies AI, an open mind, a migrant mindset, and other things that enable you to Sense Signals

2. Base Camp

The Base Camp Map

Safe Spaces that enable you

to truly come together

What are your Safe Spaces? The places where you can not just meet, but truly come together. With honesty and courage share experiences of the journeys that brought us to this point; How did we end up here? Learn from the past before we move forward. Recharge, rest, and find strong allies for the next leg of the journey. Departing from a place of deep insight and trust

3. Active Citizenship

The Earth Citizen Passport

How do you identify and activate strengths - of yourself and the people around you? What gives and nourishes agency? When are you and your team the most impactful? How do you really Make A Difference? 

 The awareness and ability to detect your

strengths and activate your agency 


4. Your Team

A close up on Group 3

Your Crew, Organisation, or Task Force; whatever you call it. Ingenuity, resilience, and impact are all multiplied by diversity.  

How do you mobilize? Who's voice is heard? How are decisions made? Resources and thus power allocated? What are your mission brief and guiding star? The warm hand on your back and the shoulder to lean on. The people you trailblaze with and for.

5. Regeneration

Ensuring that the way you live and lead - your business and organization leverages every element, decision, and action to regenerate - not deteriorate. Creating a surplus of value; environmentally, financially, and socially. A positive spiral and ripple effects. To unlock not impose change. Seeking systemic (r)evolution; building resilient organisations and organisms capable of anticipating, mutating and transforming in times of uncertainty, urgency, and opportunity


To go beyond the ability to sustain or reduce harm. Challenging the net positive with a life-affirming paradigm. 

The biologically based UBI 

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Let's explore how we can support you on your expedition

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 MAD Friends & Pioneers 
those who voyage with us 

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