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Mountain Range

meet up!


 23rd of March, 6-8 PM

 The Generator, Torsgatan 10, Stockholm 

After 5,5 years of Journeys beyond the ability to sustain; traveling and working in Extreme Environments with the most radical and remarkable of pioneers, engineers, leaders, and activists, we've decided to bring it all together and back home. Literally.  

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An evening that Makes A Difference.

>> Exclusive Pre-Screening of our Future Prototype Short Film


Exploring a morning in the shoes of Armand and Alva, Swedish Climate Refugees. Packing their bags to face an alternative reality. Hyper contextualized CliFi (Climate Fiction) . 


Co-create the next step. How do we truly Make A Difference? Lead from the Future, Anchored today, Radically inclusive.


Turn Insights to Impact. Unlocking change through leveraging tipping point.  

>> Challenge Based, Mission Led, Crowd Sourced Task Forse

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We need to amplify present pockets of prosperous futures today.

After half a decade of testing out regenerative systems, future prototyping scenarios, business model innovation, exploring exponential tech, and human behaviors - we've made it far, but need to go further. And we need more friends on the journey. 

We are nearing irreversible planetary tipping points. Social and economic divides are increasing. We don't have time for new ideas, we need to amplify the brilliant solutions that exist: The future solutions that already reside in pockets of innovation in some of the most overlooked of places

High water table resilient sanitation solutions in Kampala, mobile solar power in Gaza, temperature regulating construction clay from Nairobi, dehydrated fertilizers from Sköndalbiological water filters from Mpigi. Perhaps even the decentralized financial models in Maricá, the medicinal plants from Napo, and the experience of building safe spaces in the West bank. And your piece to the pussle. 




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the MAD Ambition

A House and Home that Makes A Difference


We're setting out to re-imagine and re-build a space that is not just sustainable, but actually creates a surplus, exploring an actual regenerative and life-affirming paradigm. Bringing together the building blocks of remarkable pioneers to craft a Home that wakes you up. A House that Makes A Difference in your Sleep. A MAD House that moves, migrates, and evolves with you. Putting MAD hypothesis and questions to the test: 

What does a good life look like? For the people living in it, as well as the community, species, and environment that surrounds it. Can the placement of doors foster peace-building? the walls invite interspecies co-creation? each piece inside connect and show trale blazing work of people outside? the floor set a new scene for owning? and the roof make us look up for the risks and opportunities yet to arrive?




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want to join the Journey?

Let us know how your piece and perspective can build the bigger picture

Can't wait to meet on 23rd of March!



* the awesome art - the "Signs of Change" - are created by Bettina Schwalm and Radical Norms, a dear MAD friend

some of those who already voyage with us 

across sectors, disciplines, and borders. build and test out regenerative models - 

creating a surplus of social, financial, and environmental value 

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