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Embark on the greatest expedition of your life:

Discover Your personal Vision

& Turn it into Reality 



You are the person you've been waiting for

Supporting you in turning your personal vision into reality, we've packed the experience of deep transformation from the MAD Pioneers (incl. our own blood, sweet, tears and madness) into a Guide.

It contains the Questions, Models, and real life Stories we wish we had when we set off on our own journeys of exploration.


Your own Pocket Journal filled with material to unlock your potential. 


Two questions that we pulled out, for you to start playing with today. 

Let's see if they poke your inner dormant pioneer :)  


If you keep on your routine life like it is today, what will you regret

at the end of your life that you didn’t do, try, learn or achieve?


What is that dream you are not prepared to let go of yet?

What does it look and feel like? 


We want to support you on your own MAD journey -

The quest to understand Ourselves, our Dreams and how we can unlock our (super)Power to get there. 


Therefore we have decided to offer all our members a free digital copy of our MAD GUIDE!


It's simply the Guide we wish we had when we set out to discover ourselves, the world around us

and our place in it. 

 The power of
 coming together 



Welcome to sit down around the MAD bonfire! 


A place without obligations; simply a standing invite to slow down, breathe fully and see clearly. A space for reflections, conversations and emerging actions.

In somewhat more practical terms: 

Ahead of each Bonfire, you'll receive a calendar invite together with a short description of the Theme, some Questions to reflect upon and nuggets on which MAD Pioneers you'll meet around the warmth of the fire. 

During the Bonfire, the flow will move you from internal Reflections, to inspirational Conversations and the option to either break out in small Groups, or simply continue your Inner journey. All within the hour, and with the option to chill with the MAD Team after, until the fire goes out. 

Oh, and we meet 6 times a year .) 

 Co-creating radical 
 social innovation 





Embark on an Expedition!

Join one (or more) of our MAD Leaps:

Co-creational radical Social Innovation processes with the ambition to shift societal systems. 

> Receive Invites to Hackathons,

Think Tanks and Journeys


> Join Prototyping and

Beta Testing of Epic MAD Gear 

Definition of Madness:

"Our shared deep desire to Make A Difference"

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