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Climate Change 

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 on reversing climate change

The Future is Regenerative 
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Use Card or Crypto - to access leading renewable assets in high performing regions


Historic Performance 
7-10% ROI

per Year



All transactions
fully transparent

1kg CO2 offset per
1$ invested*

*estimation based on historical performance


Low Thresholds
- we pool resources and strategic partners so you can enter big opportunities with little money  





We are running out of time! We have until 2025 to reverse current trends to not surpass the 1.5° degrees threshold. Giving us very limited time to switch from a Natural Gas, Coal and Fossil Fuel dependent society to one that generates the majority of its energy from renewable and clean energy.


We need to make it financially profitable for people to support the climate and we need the experience to be simple, easy and accessible to as many people as possible.


So we created a profitable and user friendly way to support the climate 

Space station


Some of the people already doing it


Melanie Rideout

Global Head of Innovation

There is immense power in combining innovative finance and community ownership to enable globally sourced and locally anchored solutions. Through integrating these, we can unlock the critical resilience and capacity needed to leapfrog forward.


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Isaiah Saibu

Innovation Consultancy & Entrepreneurship

With a Background in Regenerative Systems and Entrepreneurship, for me investing in the Citizen Stake Stock is a given. This is the natural next step of enabling acceleration of not just social but societal solutions. The future of sustainable development is here. Don’t miss out!



Elin Vestberg

Board member Fatta! 
activist movement

There is immense power in combining innovative finance and community own

Humans where the ones who built society in the first place - thus we are the only ones who can change it.
Through coming from civil society movements, this might just be one of the most direct wys of scalable impact i've seen.

Democratized distribution of power and resources. Transparent and inclusive.



How it works

fossil fuels are dying!

In this paragraph we will show you the
clean energy alternatives that are positioned to replace it
and how
our team and network of experts make it possible for you to get involved today


Coal and fossil fuels are dying - it's damaging to our health and to the climate. Its now also more expensive than the cleaner cheaper alternatives

Solar cells, wind farms and battery banks have exploded in recent years and become the cheapest clean energy alternative in 2016. As a result, clean energy initiatives are now receiving more than half a trillion dollar of investments per year and growing from institutional investors and private funds. 

The challenges with investments into clean energy assets and how the citizen stake stock addresses them:

1) You usually require a large amount of upfront capital to build larger clean energy infrastructure.

- We solve this by pooling resources together from investors all over the world enabling anyone to invest.


2) It takes time to source materials, to get local and government approval, to contract the sale of the produced energy, the installation processes etc.

During this time the invested capital don't produce any return.

- We have access to overcollateralized lenders that pay our investors interest on their capital so that investors start earning from day 1.


3) Traditional clean energy assets investments lock the capital to the depreciating asset
(contrary to common belief, solar cells, wind farms, battery banks don't appreciate in value over time they depreciate in value over time, you also can't withdraw your principal from the investment). 

With Citizen Stake Stock your money is never locked to the asset, only part of the Interest we generate on your capital. Interest generated from overcollateralized lenders goes straight back to investors to generate returns of approximately 7-10% ROI a year.

Remaining Interest is then invested into clean energy assets. Enabling investors to take out their Interest and principal after 1 year.


*Yes you can achieve larger carbon off-setting by making direct investments into foreign countries or by building solar cells and installing them in high performing areas yourself, however, this is also not an alternative for most people, and your capital would still be locked and you wouldn't be able to get your principal back.  
With this mixed market approach Citizen Stake Stock is able to offset 1kg per 1$ invested.
Beating most, if not all, of our competitors.


The clean energy assets and the reoccurring monthly cash flow they generate are governed by the group of investors through a decentralised autonomous organisation. Issuing in a new paradigm shift where the people own and control the means of energy producing. Not governments institutions or an elite.


This combination of capital markets and clean energy assets through blockchain infrastructure combines the best of three worlds.


- It manages the risks and the downsides of direct investment into clean energy assets.

- It maximises return to investors.

- It funnels investment into clean energy assets

- It gives control of clean energy assets to the investors

- Each step of the process is 100% transparent and trackable by anyone


Some of the friends who made this journey possible