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Design Change. Make a Difference.

We help you take action by making social innovation accessible.   

A community for people crazy enough to think they can change the world.  

Systemic change needs to involve everyone. As a human being you should have the opportunity to continuously contribute to positive impact. However, finding the right initiatives to support is hard and often leads to inaction.  
MAD helps you get involved in cutting-edge social innovation projects initiated by our MAD entrepreneurs: enabling you to contribute with your knowledge and competence, connect with other likeminded individuals and truly make a difference. We call it going MAD.

Make your business make a difference

Embarking on a MAD journey is not easy. As someone who aims to make a difference, you should be focused on building your product or service, but accomplishing both positive impact and economic growth is often confusing.
MAD guides you through your journey by helping you structure your process, provide you with the right tools and the community support you need to make a difference.
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