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tomorrow's society today.




"our shared deep desire to Make A Difference"

how we Make A Difference


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 Zero Sum Games 
where one needs to lose for the other to win, leading to a downward spiral of exploitation of human and natural resources

Forest Fire

Forest Fire

Purple Glow

Purple Glow

Yellow Rain Boots

Yellow Rain Boots

Earth and Space

Earth and Space

Reflection of Monks Crossing a Wooden Bridge

Reflection of Monks Crossing a Wooden Bridge



Pride Parade

Pride Parade

Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch

Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stairs



Romantic Tent

Romantic Tent

Beautiful Nature

Beautiful Nature

 Challenge Driven 
 anchored in the biggest
challenges of today 

 Mission Led 
 guided by collective, ambitious emerging futures 

 Crowd Sourced 
 because impact is multiplied
by diversity 

 increase awareness of
underlying forces &
root cause

 pool resources through (re)alignment of incentives 

 (r)evolutionary leadership with strengthened capacity to pioneer 

 co-creating platforms & safe spaces for radical collaboration & testbedding 

Integrating social to societal innovations and systems

 Life Affirming Societies 
 where the nourishing of natural and human resources leads to an upward
regenerative spiral, 

 generating a net positive surplus of social, financial and environmental value 

 form transdisciplinary alliances to identify & unlock asymmetric leverage points

MAD Expeditions

Journeys together with Individuals, Organisations & Institutions  engaging 
+ 30 Nationalities across 5 Continents for the last  5 Years 

Anchor 1

 Strategic Foresight 
 leveraging Future Prototyping and Speculative Design to transform tomorrow's uncertainty into today's decisions. Exploring If & How Climatic & Democratic  Breakdown can unlock Systemic Breakthrough

Experience life as a Climate Refugee. Mobilizing in emergency Task Forces based on AI broadcasts to build Regenerative societies. Freed up from the need to work for wages by the empowerment of biologically based UBI (universal basic income).


Explore what a world of continuous Climate Breakdown looks like; How we might mobilize, and re-allocate Resources and thus Power in more decentralized, transparent, and (bio)logical ways.


This Future Prototype constitutes a Collection of Artefacts and is designed to make conceivable futures concrete; To stimulate our ability to imagine - and tangibly micro-experience - alternative futures in inclusive and engaging ways. Inviting us into virtual and physical spaces, accelerating our capacity to take necessary actions, before it's too late.

 Make A Difference 

 use the prototype in your space 

> set up the Base Camp Installation @ your place to stimulate conversations and actions on climate & democracy

 join the next event 

> apply to the Think-Do-Tank on the 17th of Jan

 Regenerative Models 
a Water, Sanitation & Energy model seeking to shift the financial and operational burden,  often placed on the most vulnerable sectors of society, preventing effective scaling - to an income generating source and engine for development

Globally, 6 in 10 people lack access to safe sanitation. 3 in 10 lack access to safe drinking water 

Exponential challenges won’t be solved by individual or linear solutions. - But what if, instead of seeing sanitation as cost, we turned it all on its head: A market where passive end consumers become potential active producers emerges. 


Could human waste be the biggest overlooked market of our time? A market opened up by shifting linear to circular and regenerative models; integrating Technological, community driven, and business model innovation, with the power to unlock net positive social, financial and environmental value?


Transforming separate silos to life affirming ecosystems. Not just economy - but impact - of collective scale. 

 Make A Difference 

 join the expanding ecosystem 

> if you are a strong player seeking to scale your cutting edge water, sanitation, or energy solution through the next generation of community anchored business model innovation;

Don't be a stranger, reach out! 

 Video Gaming
 an interactive Human Rights based tool equipping
agents of change to explore and create Radically Inclusive Societies 

Step into a world and video game that explores how we can counter toxic stereotypes and discrimination; How our individual reactions - actions - change systemic structures and narratives. 

We won’t solve today’s challenges with the same mindset that created them. Nor will huge and systemic challenges be solved by single silos or narrow perspectives. 


But What if we could walk in the shoes of another? 

What if we could see how our everyday choices change the very fabric of society brick by brick; Building towards Dystopia or Utopia? 


What if our capacity to Make A Difference is not determined despite what we’ve gone through - but amplified because of it? 


Impact is multiplied by diversity: Our collective capacity to re-imagine and re-learn, re-writie a new narrative, re-code and construct a new normal.

 Make A Difference 

 adapt the game for your context 

> let's explore how radical inclusivity and equality could leapfrog development in your space (i.e. industry, sector, organization, campaign or alike)

Don't be a stranger, reach out! 

 Education (re)Learned
 designing an education system where nothing is done as an academic exercise
- no more figuring out answers we already know. Instead seizing our most precious resources; Time & Human ingenuity to make a difference. beyond the classroom 

In times of accelerating development, our ability to learn and (un)learn becomes more critical by the second. We face greater challenges and uncertainties than perhaps ever before. Yet we keep forcing people through the same educational systems that were built for well-known factories and pre-determined outcomes. 


But What if - instead of wasting Time & Human Ingenuity to figure out answers we already know - the education system underwent the same creative destruction as the factories they were designed for?  


What if - instead of reinforcing the societal structures and incentive systems that created the challenges in the first place​: The education system became the nexus for its re-imagination and re-construction?


Despite the very ground beneath our feet crumbling, we see the continued teaching and preaching of a world where infinite “scale” and “profit” are treated as more “true” than the finite resources they depend on.  Inevitably Exploiting human and natural resources.


Pandemics, warfare, and financial crises show us that we need an education system that mutates quicker than the virus; What if humans could spread knowledge, insights, and learnings as quickly as we can spread disease or conflict? To create - not react - to the future. 

 Make A Difference 

we are currently very busy building out an international virtual university together with some really cool actors. As soon as we have more to share, we'll let you know! :) 

 MAD Friends & Pioneers 
those who voyage with us 

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want to Make A Difference together? 
 don't be a stranger!
reach out >> 

 (r)Evolutionary Leadership 
will we step into mature membership in the community of life and become a regenerative rather than degenerative presence on Earth in time to manifest a different future?

"regeneration is an inherent pattern of life itself and that all our distant common ancestors understood life as a regenerative community of which we are members, not masters."

 Make A Difference 

 join a Journey 

> we've brought leaders with us across the Andees, into the Amazon, stayed with Masaai communities and refugees in social innovation villages. 

we've seen how facing inner challenges equipps you to overcome outer. Nourish your courageous and pioneering leadership; a life affirming stewardship. 

> Intrigued to join? 

We won't solve today's challenges with the same mindset that created them. This is as true for unlocking our own inner dormant pioneer, as for tackling the toughest societal problems of our time.


To address the challenges ahead, we need everyone at their best. Therefore, recognizing that the current mainstream narrative - seeking instant gratifications, quick gains, and viewing the world as a zero sum game where if I win, then you lose - is one of the strongest sources and engines of the challenges we face.


Thus, taking the responsibility to explore and co-create new paradigms and narratives is the foundation for the transformational leadership required to rewrite our story and open a new prosperous chapter ahead. Regardless if we are looking at the self-leadership needed to navigate the quest of realizing one's personal dreams and vision - or reimagining our collective shared leadership to shape new societal systems. These layers are not just connected, they are inseparable:


Humans were the ones who built and continue to make up society - and as such, we are also uniquely equipped to change it. A challenge and unprecedented opportunity that lies with all of us. To be the change we want to see. 

From trust building multistakeholder labs in Iraq
to full transformational program bringing together Palestinians & Isrealies, India & Pakistan 

 More MADness? 

here are some more MAD projects 

Sexual consent. Because everything exept for a Yes is a No.
Sweden & Japan.

Protecting Youth from Drug gangs through transforming schools to safe spaces. Working with the Minister of Education & School Pioneers in Ecuador to support Venezuelan refugees. 

Emergency Response that lays a Leapfrogging foundation for next generations post conflict re-construction infrastructure

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