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Building a Water, Sanitation, Food & Energy System that creates regenerative & net positive social, financial and environmental value



the (r)evolutionary Movement

Warmest Madest thanks for your remarkable engagement during

the MAD Think Tank at the (virtual) world Exhibition in Dubai

Now is the time to turn words and visions to action


Discover how your puzzle piece can build the bigger picture





19th of Jan, 10.00-11.30 AM CET

BACKGROUND: The Journey that brought us here

With a couple of days to digest and reflect upon the conversations, we'd love to hear where you see the greatest potential for You. Recognizing the power in aligning incentives to unlock change at scale (to quote Jack Sim: Mutual Egoism is Collaboration :) ) - we want to ensure that our journey and movement forward is driven by that: a clear picture of how all stakeholders stand to benefit from adding their uni



Guiding us moving forward is the realized Need to Innovate how we are innovating; The need to fundamentally turn siloed and sub-optimized pockets of social innovation to synergistic societal systems. Pooling resources to Unlocking systemic change, not imposing it. Putting separate agendas to the side, center staging the actual challenges. Understanding the patterns, not just the problems; Identifying asymmetric leverage points beyond artificial boundaries and predetermined narratives and outcomes through radical co-creation. 



This experience shows us a bigger picture and potential, inspiring where we steer next: the MAD Min Max Modules. Exploring and designing the Minimum Module to unlock the Maximum Value Creation; Building a Water, Sanitation, Food and Energy system that creates regenerative and net positive Social, Financial and Environmental Value. By designing for, with and by the marginalized, and extreme environments we lay the foundation for a shift of power. Modules that  put neither people nor planet in debt - But instead enables the rise out of it. How? By taking  a frugal innovation approach, we are looking to design the most accessible and viable system, relevant for as many contexts as possible. With the shortest and highest possible return on investment. 


Sounds intriguing?

Warmly welcome to a MAD Think Tank where we'll explore how we really shift the systems; discovering what needs to be true from drastically diverse perspectives to turn this vision to reality.


Drop us a line BEFORE THE 15th OF JAN

LOOKING FORWARD TO shift the systems

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