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The beginnings of the Mad sanitation leap.​

30 million Ugandans or  75% population don’t have access to improved sanitation.  Shockingly that each year globally 2,2 million children die to waterborne diseases.

In 2018 MAD started cooperation with MAD Entrepreneur Sam Malinga, Ugandan engineer, and social innovator who had developed affordable toilets and emptying services. Sam revealed that his biggest obstacle is not producing the toilet but persuading people to buy it.


MAD turned the challenge on it's head and developed Sanitation Leap. 

We framed the challenge and organized a Think Thank in Uganda and together with MAD change makers tried to find answers on the following question: How do we encourage people living in slum areas to prioritize buying a toilet when the alternative is free? 

5 great ideas and one powerful insight  

During the Think Tank groups came up with the following ideas: 

1. Ubuntu. Community Building & Table Banking [please explain more in detail]
2. Eduganda. Schools Initiative [please explain more in detail]
3. Good Will Cranes. Churches & Schools [please explain more in detail]
4. Oh Crap. Novel ideas [please explain more in detail]
5. San Flyers. Women Influencers [please explain more in detail]


And finally, the Change maker teams came up with one powerful Insight which now has become the center of Sanitation Leap and MAD efforts:





If the Sanitation issues and MAD efforts in developing a Cholera free Community resonates with you, you can contribute by donating here , in our Facebook page or by making transaction directly to the MAD Foundation bank account, using the details stated above in this page. The contribution will go directly to the cause and will greatly benefit to introducing the innovation for 10 Schools in Uganda.


Engage in meaningful discussions with other change makers all around the world, find ways how to collectively make a difference for tomorrow. Curious? Take a look here!


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