6. Sanitation Innovation workshop, group exercise in day 1.

7. Coffee break at Sanitation Innovation workshop, day 2.

4. Sanitation Innovation workshop, day 1.

5. Sanitation Innovation workshop, day 2.

2. MAD team at Health Innovation Hackathon.

3.  Follow up workshop with the World Health Organisation (WHO) TDR -SIHI*, local ministers and NGOs in Benin to address the broader psycho-social challenges of Tuberculosis. 

1. Group picture of Health Innovation Hackathon participants, Karolinska institute.

8. Launch of  the MAD Education Leap, the course "Beyond Sustainability" with Hyper Island.

9. Fiona and Santa at Impact Invest's Care of Business Women program's  workshop “Beyond Sustainability - Business and Leadership Models that Make A Difference”.

10. Women in Tech conference with entrepreneurs and ecosystem supporters from Egypt.

11. Visit of the Hyper Island Campus in Stockholm. 

12. MAD online team meeting and farewell party to Santa.

13. MAD Certificate "MAD Creator."

Definition of Madness:

"Our shared deep desire to Make A Difference"

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