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We believe that the future of Education is Learning. Lifelong Learning that is Challenge driven, Mission fueled and Crowd sourced. That is, nothing is done as an academic exercise, but instead everything contributes towards Making A Difference. 

A Difference for the Individual itself and targeted challenges - collectively feeding into a crowdsourced, constantly expanding and developing knowledge repository. A library of knowledge of the learning process itself, as well as the ground breaking tools, approaches, and solutions for the biggest societal challenges of our time.


A library that instead of hard bookshelves is a thriving community and constantly evolving transdisciplinary and diverse narrative. A narrative that is not defined by the elite, but rather by the masses. The overlooked Pioneers who have been called mad. Mad because they refuse to settle with the status quo.


These, the MAD changemakers, are the ones who are mad enough to think they can change the world.


And thus we know they will. 

business model 1: 

Recognize the counterparts, join to make a DIfference.

business model 2: 

Select an SDG that resonated the most with you, keep the focus on the one challenge, one MAD Pioneer

about the leap

business model that makes a difference


If the sanitation issues and MAD efforts in developing a Cholera free Community resonate with you, you can contribute by donating through Paypal , through our Facebook page or by making a transfer directly to the MAD Foundation bank account. You can find  MAD details here.


The contribution will go directly to the cause and will greatly benefit the two pilot innovations in Uganda.


Every follower matters to us as do every like and share. As an active member of our social communities across Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, you support MAD.


For daily inspiration, follow our MAD Podcast in Spotify.


Engage in meaningful discussions with other change makers all around the world, and even apply to come on one of our MAD Journey’s to see the pilot in action!  Find ways how to collectively make a difference for tomorrow.  

Curious? More information on MAD Community available here


How can you contribute?

MAD Community and education  Leap

Beyond Sustainability course with Hyperisland. 

From February 10 until April 10 MAD run a "Beyond Sustainability" course with alternative business school, HyperIsland - a learning institute renowned for equipping students with the necessary skills and competencies for the future of work; creativity, teamwork and self development.

During the module, after 9 short weeks the business developer students transitioned from learners to practitioners - exploring viable businesses they believe will Make A Difference. For more information about the developed business cases,  please visit

Sanitation leap briefing in ​Stockholm School of Economics

In March MAD briefed 45 students at Stockholm School of Economics who were heading to Uganda to work on the MAD Sanitation Leap- and midway through our briefing, Sweden was added to the list of classification 1 countries - meaning that the students would no longer be able to travel.

Although the students were disappointed they cannot go to Uganda physically at this time, they were quick to find ways to Make A Difference virtually... and so a virtual project is in the making! Watch this space for the project updates! 

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Feasibility Studies (Sweden)

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LOOKING FORWARD TO make a difference with you!

Definition of Madness:

"Our shared deep desire to Make A Difference"

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