We will be testing this hypothesis through two different pilots in Uganda

If human waste  could be safely transformed into sellable agriproducts - such as fertiliser and biogas -  communities that currently lack sanitation could literally be paid to poop!

pilot 1:

Pop Up Poop Stations 

  • A fully integrated unit that includes public toilet, a cafe fuelled by biogas

  • vegetables grown with fertilizers

  • solar panel lighting

  • rain water harvesting for hand-washing

  • soap produced by local women's groups

  • dispensers and safe disposal of feminine hygiene products

  • a charging station for mobile phones, a wifi hotspot

  • an information station and micro lending service to help with payment plans for household bio toilets.

pilot 2:

Community Schools

By placing units at schools, they can be the "collection facility" & suppliers of this renewable resource. By putting schools at the heart of the ecosystem we see the potential for a huge systemic shift: The school gets paid when pupils poop! The additional revenue can support government efforts to subsidize school fees enabling future generations to grow up with access to free education where they learn healthy sanitation habits that halt the spread of disease.

Additional information the sanitation

Project description for Building Cholera Free Communities with the Paid to Poop Model here 


"Embracing 'Behavior Change Communication' for Scaling Sanitation Products" by MAD Change maker Samuel Malingai available here.

The MAD Pilots


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