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Direct investment - Start To Finish

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Psst, see those heading below, it allows you to skip straight to the stage you want to do. If your completely new to crypto, we recommend you take them step by step.

1) Creating a crypto wallet.

There are multiple choices when creating a crypto wallet. We recommend Metamask as it's well established and seen as the market standard. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser during this process. To download the Metamask wallet extension click go to: And follow the step by step video tutorial below: A Video Tutorial on the step by step set up:

We also recommend that you klick on your extensions and pin the MetaMask wallet to your browsers for Easy access.

2. Add the Polygon (Matic) network to your Crypto Wallet

Step 1 & 2: Pin the Metamask Extension to your browser Step 3 & 4 Open and sign in to your MetaMask account

Step 1 & 2 For ease of use, open MetaMask in Expanded view. Click on the 3 dots and then on expand view.

Step 1 & 2: Press the circle in the upper right corner and then settings in the bottom of the drop down menu.

Step 1 & 2: Press Networks in the left side menu and then on the [Add a network] button in the upper right corner.

Add the following information into the empty fields: Network name: Matic Mainnet Chain ID: 137

Block Explorer URL: New RPC URL:

Currency Symbol: MATIC Note: it may say "invalid information", in a RED warning text, You can simply disregard this, or if you want you can update to the newest available information here: Note* The newer URL's might be unstable, the above information is what we use. And then press SAVE. Congratulations you have just added a new Network!

3. Add funds to your Polygon Wallet

There are multiple options in how to add funds to your Polygon Wallet, we recommend using Moonpay as they are the cheapest and easiest option we have found.

Step 1: change the currency to MATIC (Polygon) It's very important that it MATIC (Polygon) If you send any other currency it might be lost! Step 2: change the amount to how much you want to invest Step 3. Press Continue

Step 1: Add your email address Step 2: Press continue

Step 1: Enter the verification code sent to your email Step 2: Press continue

In the Next step A MetaMask POP-UP should appear the like in the pictures below. If this happens follow the steps outline directly below. If a MetaMask POP-UP DOSE NOT APPEAR scroll down to "How to add your POLYGON WALLET ADDRESS" just below. If a MetaMask POP-UP should appear Step 1: Press Next Step 2: Press Connect

This will Auto fill your POLYGON wallet address like seen in the picture below. IF it didn't work Click here to add it manually Step 1: Make sure your address is added into the "Wallet address" field like in the picture Step 2: Press Continue


If a MetaMask POP-UP DID NOT APPEAR follow the steps below.

Step 1: Enter your POLYGON wallet address in the "Wallet address" field. Step 2: To find your POLYGON wallet address click on your MetaMask extension in your browser Step 3: Make sure you have the Matic Mainnet chosen Step 4: Copy the POLYGON wallet address Step 5: Press Continue

Step 1: Enter Basic information Step 2: Press continue

Step 1: Enter Card Details Step 2: Press continue

Step 1: if you have Mobile Bank ID You will be asked to sign it on your mobile device and the press "Finish Payment".

If you don't have a mobile Bank ID disregard this step

Step 1: Step 1

Once the payment have been approved (Can take a couple of minutes)

You should see a window like this


and the


You will see the Crypto you have bought in your wallet.

4. Invest in Citizen Stakeholder Stock DAO

Open your MetaMask wallet to start the below steps. We recommend using the Google chrome browser. Step 1. Make sure you are on the Matic Mainnet Step 2. Press the Send button in the center of the screen or under the "ASSETS" tab chose "MATIC" and then press send. Step 3. Copy and Paste this address into the "SEND TO" Field. Citizen Stakeholder Stock DAO Address:


Step 1: On Asset chose Matic if it's not already chosen for you. Make sure you chose MATIC. Sending anything els might be lost! Step 2: Chose the amount you want to invest Step 3: Press Next

Above steps will trigger a confirmation request from MetaMask Step 1: Make sure the amount is the same as you put in above Step 2: Press confirm

Congratulations, you have now successfully invested with the Citizen Stakeholder Stock and will be reciving your CSS tokens within 48 hours!

5. Import a Token to your Polygon Wallet

To start on below steps, you will need to open up your MetaMask wallet, we recommend opening it on the Google Chrome Browser in a New Tab as "Extended view"

Step 1: Navigate to the "Assets" tab and press "IMPORT TOKENS" in the bottom center Step 2: Copy and Paste this address into the Token Contract Address field

Token Contract Address:


Token Symbol and Token Decimal will Auto-fill in Step 1: Press the "Add Custom Token" Button Step 2: Press the "Import Token" Button *Note it can take up to 48 hours for your balance to show up

Congratulations, you are now done! If you have any question feel free to contact us at:

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