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Learn and Earn - From start to finish

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

1) Register at Coinbase

Click here to get started Video tutorial:

2) Explore Learn & Earn

Step 1: Navigate to the learn and earn section in the left side menu Step 2: Click on the project you want to learn about and earn from

Step 1) Watch the information video to learn about the different projects. Take the quiz in the end to start earning.

It's really that simple, Good luck and Happy learning ! :)

3) Make your Money work for you, How to invest in Citizen Stakeholder Stock (CSS)

Step 1: Press Send a gift in the left side menu Step 2: Chose the amount you want to send, the token your sending, add the email

add your first and last name and then press continue.

*For each 1$ you end (regardless token) you will get 1$ worth of CSS minus transfer and conversion fees that may apply from 3rd parties. *CSS are always redeemable, so you can change back you'r CSS to USD at any point by sending a withdrawal request to

Withdrawals will take up to 25 days to process.

Congratulations! :) You have now made your first investment to Citizen Stakeholder Stock (Css) And your money will start earning for you.

4) Download and set up MetaMask

There are multiple choices when creating a crypto wallet. *We recommend MetaMask as it's well established and seen as the market standard. *We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser during this process. To download the MetaMask wallet extension click go to: And follow the step by step video tutorial below:

We also recommend that you klick on your extensions and pin the MetaMask wallet to your browsers for Easy access.

Step 1 & 2: Pin the MetaMask Extension to your browser Step 3 & 4 Open and sign in to your MetaMask account

5) Add the Polygon Network

Before you begin, you need to sign into your MetaMask Step 1) Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner Step 2) Click on Expand View

Once you have MetaMask in the Expanded view do the following: Step 1) Navigate to the circle in the upper right corner and press on it. Step 2) Click on settings in the pop up menu

Once you have clicked on settings you will see the window below. Step 1) Click on Networks in the right side menu Step 2) Click on the Add a Network button in the upper right corner

Add the following information into the empty fields: Network name: Matic Mainnet Chain ID: 137

Block Explorer URL: New RPC URL:

Currency Symbol: MATIC

And then press SAVE.

*Don't worry if it says "Wrong information" or chain ID already occupied. There are newer URL's available, however not all DAPPS (Decentralised Apps) have switched to the newer once (sort of like when a new operator system does and upgrade to a newer version, the newer version is usually a bitt buggy for the first 6 month). For now, these is the Network information we recommend as it's stable and tested. If you want to try the newest information, you will find it here:

Congratulations you have just added a new Network!

6) Import a new Token

To start on below steps, you will need to open up your MetaMask wallet, we recommend opening it on the Google Chrome Browser in a New Tab as "Extended view"

Step 1: Navigate to the "Assets" tab and press "IMPORT TOKENS" in the bottom center Step 2: Copy and Paste this address into the Token Contract Address field

Token Contract Address:


Token Symbol and Token Decimal will Auto-fill in Step 1: Press the "Add Custom Token" Button Step 2: Press the "Import Token" Button *Note it can take up to 48 hours for your balance to show up

Congratulations, you are now done! :) If you have any question feel free to contact us at:

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