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As an Earth Citizen & Planetary Stakeholder,

you can now earn on reversing Climate Change

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We've got 8 years to prevent irreversible damage to the planet.

To unlock the Systemic Shift Required, we need Everyone to benefit directly from Reversing Climate change. That's Why we created the Citizen Stake Stock.


How you can earn money on reversing climate change

The Stake Stock enables you to "play & learn to learn", vote on and invest directly in regenerative systems (like solar, water, and reforestation projects) that generates net positive social, financial and environmental value in a decentralized and crowdsourced way with good returns (average 30% per year). A micro Universal Basic Income (UBI). 

A financial vehicle for change built by people for people.

Chose how You use Your

Citizen Stakeholder Stock

Simply Embark and be a part of the community, or Pioneer to Invest & take part in ground breaking expeditions  

Camping in the Woods


Join the Community

Meet MAD folks, and

Vote on what Matters for you. 

70% goes to the non-profit MAD Foundation

to build the Community & Platform

30% goes to the non-profit cause of your choise

Planet and Moon


Join the Community & Invest


Enjoy both the meet ups, and the opportunity to Vote & Invest in regenerative systems.

15% goes to the non-profit MAD Foundation

to build the Community & Platform

85% is invested in Regenerative Systems, expect a 30% ROI per year

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Community & Investments

The Best of both Worlds


We know that impact is multiplied by diversity.

Therefore, we've bulit The MAD Shift as a DAO; a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. An organization run by it's members. Fully transperntly on Block chain, with the opportunity to meet up in blended reality events and Bonfires to discuss, challange and celebrate how we Make A Difference.


In other words, enjoy: Quarterly Meetups where Pioneering Ways of Making a Difference will be co-created. And inbetween, feel free to back the passion projects you'd love to see come alive :) 



> Meet MAD folks
> Vote on what matters for you
> Donate to your passion project 

Neon Light Sign


> Meet MAD folks
> Vote on what matters for you
> Invest & Earn by Reversing Climate Change 



Have a great time in the DAO community AND earn by reversing climate change. 


To development the climate change reversing and resilient solutions needed to physically prevent climate catastrophe we need to pool and amplify resources. Leveraging Decentralized Fin Tech, we can offer lower thresholds and the opportunity of higher returns.

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31st of March

Join the Next Bonfire Hack, to get yourself set up (calmly) in advance :)


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Melanie Rideout
Global Head of Innovation

There is immense power in combining innovative finance and community ownership to enable globally sourced and locally anchored solutions. Through integrating these, we can unlock the critical resilience and capacity needed to leapfrog forward.

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Isaiah Saibu

Innovation Consultancy & Entrepreneurship

With a Background in Regenerative Systems and Entrepreneurship, for me investing in the Citizen Stake Stock is a given. This is the natural next step of enabling acceleration of not just social but societal solutions. The future of sustainable development is here. Don’t miss out!


Elin Vestberg
Board member Fatta! 
activist movement

Humans where the ones who built society in the first place - thus we are the only ones who can change it.

Though coming from civil society movements, this might just be one of the most direct ways of scalable impact I’ve seen. Democratized distribution of power and resources. Transparent and Inclusive. Boom.

Painted Space

Ideas, Questions & What not

Drop us a line

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