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Hi there!

We have 8 years to "save the planet" (UN). There is an urgent need to accelerate the transition to renewable energy & regenerative systems. However, to bring as many on board as possible, it can't be at a personal or financial cost (no one really likes cold showers, and at the end of the day most people rather earn money than give it away). Therefore, we've created a vehicle that enables everyone* to participate and invest in the Shift. 

Join our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization*) that makes investments in Climate Change Resilient and Reversing Systems, and gives you a really nice Return on Investment. This is the Regen system we are working on: Pilot, and this is where we are heading: Min Max Modules


Next step - Join!

With the first DAO, Financial Vehicle and Regenerative system getting all set up, we are on boarding eager core community members. Pick your place to start: 

Feeling Confident? DIY :)

Want Friends & Support?

Lost in Space? 

DYI: Set yourself up
Solo Trip

Get Yourself set up

5 Step Recipe

1 hour in active work & 2-3 weeks in process waiting time

(just to manage your expectations) 


1: Sign up 

















2: Install Meta Mask (video)

2: Create a Binance Account (video)

3: Add Polygon Network to your Meta Mask (video)

4: Bridge Assets from your Binance Account to your Polugon account on Meta Mask (video)


5: Send funds from your Meta Mask account to the SHIFT  DAO address below to get started with your investment.
You will receive 1 Shift token = $1 invested.

DAO Address:



Enjoy Making A Difference! 

Join the Community Bonfires

for some Friends & Support in setting everything up

Time & Place: TBD

Awesome to see your excitement! - drop a line to and get notified when the next Bonfire is lit :)  



Get Going Together



Check the
Shift Glossary

Let's get onto the same page :)


DAO: Decentralized Autonomous organisation: Organisation run by its members through direct democracy and voting. Leverages Blockchain technology, which also makes it all transparent.

A nice video by Stanford

Crypto Currencies: Money in the Blockchain world. Can be pegged  ("locked" in various ways) to "normal currencies" (like the USD, EURO or Swedish Krona)

DiFi (Decentralized Finance): Financial Instruments that doesn't belong to the big banks, but is instead collectively owned by the blockchain living people that choses to invest in them. 

Regenerative System: A system that is based on Resources that are re-generated (like sunpower, poop, Water, Reforestation, etc.) - unlike finite resources such as coal, oil, and alike dirt. 

Net Positive System: Doesn't only "close the loop" (e.g. uses the same water again and again) - but  generates a financial and environmental surplus that enables continuous reinvestments. 

Vault: Where Crypto money is stored/invested. 

Voting: Every member of the DAO has 1 vote voice each. Regardless how much or little you've invested. Voting will primarily happen as we expand and decide in which regenerative system to invest in next. 



Ideas, Questions & What not - Drop us a line:

Painted Space


Cool Questions & Answers


? How much/little can I invest?

! From 1 USD and up (and here is how you start by earning 88 USD through "earn to learn" in case you want to boost your ability to get going LINK). In other words, as long as you have a wifi connected device and bank account, you can join (we are working on becoming more inclusive, and will keep you posted on the progress :) ) 

? What do I practically need to get started? 

! Check out our DIY section (LINK) and feel warmly welcome to join the next Virtual Bonfire (with actual real people and community members, not bots) for extra support. 

? Can I/we invest as an Organisation and/or Company? How? 

! Yes you can, contact us at ( to get started.

? How often is investment opportunities launched? 

! We aim to always have at least one vault for investments open at any given time.

? Can you ensure 50% APY per year?

! No, but it is our baseline ambition (ie. it is what we are working towards and what the proven trackrecords of the various components of our financial vehicle have delivered historically). We encourage people to think of this as any Crypto or Stock investment in terms of risk. Only invest what you feel comfortable with. 

? How is the 60% investment in Regenerative systems used? How can we see the ROI of it? 

! It's used to create Regenerative assets like solar cells, circular sanitation and agriculture, battery banks etc. Project information will be sent out on a quarterly basis.

? What is the secrete sauce?! 50% ROI to members and 60% to Regen systems seems to good to be true :) 

! Our financial vehicle leverages current trends in the crypto markets with a focus on Arbitrage opportunities, Node and Master Node services as well as crypto Mining. As we don't have the same overhead operations and thus costs as a bank, we can give more back to the members/investors and the actual systems we are investing in. The return of investment from the physical systems also add further resilience and ROI to investors. 

? How is the 10% for the Shift System Construction used? 

! Pay for technical infrastructure and the small and hard-working core team fair wages for Tech Development, Community Management and Communication, etc. 

>> DAO 

? How do you ensure each person gets 1 vote and voice, and that all votes are equally much worth, regardless how much one has invested? 

! That's the beauty of DAO's, don't trust us, feel free to look up each vote on

? What happens if I can't or don't want to vote? 

! Voting is voluntary but of course, encouraged.

? And why have you chosen this system (i.e. 1 vote per person and voice, instead of 1 vote per unit purchase)? 

! Because we want to enable and align the financial incentives of being able to invest as much as you like in our high ROI opportunities (because we need as much money as possible to fuel as rapid as possible transition to the climate emergency reversing and resilient systems) - AND at the same time work for more democratized distribution of power. 


? How do you choose the Regen systems? and can I track their development of them? 

! We start with what we know and our own pilot that we've been building with an international transdisciplinary team over the last 3 years, and will let the DAO vote on where we go next. You'll find impact reports from our Pilot as soon as it's done LINK. We preferably want to address asymmetric points of leverage, such as storage and transportation of energy, making eg. the Giga factories interesting, in case Elon wants to get involved (@Elon: if you are reading this, consider it an invite!) 

? Can I add a Regenerative System (if I eg run a reforestation project, solar power company, a water filtration organisation, or alike) to your portfolio for future DAO investments? How? 

! Drop us a line to and let us know what you are working on and how your puzzle piece can fit into this bigger picture. We are always looking to expand the portfolio of regenerative systems we invest in. Both individual solutions - and especially their capacity to contribute to amplified collective impact together with other regenerative solutions (e.g. integrated water, sanitation and agricultural systems)

? Can I install your Pilot and coming Min Max Modules if I want to use the actual physical Regen system myself? 

! Love the enthusiasm! Currently, the Pilot is only resold through its respective components (e.g. sanitation, water filters, etc.) in Uganda and Sweden, but we have ambitious plans for scaling, so let us know what you are interested in implementing and where you live, and your demand will guide how we prioritize development and distribution. 

>> Blockchain: 

? What's blockchain?

! Blockchains is a way to create trust in the digital world. Blockchains are decentralized databases that everyone can view. Because the databases are shared it becomes very hard to manipulate or corrupt any one of them as the information on them can be seen by everyone. The information on them is therefore highly secure and trustworthy.


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