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A safe space for you to  grow  by exploring  mad  ways to lead exponential  changE! 

 The exclusive space for you to go mad

 We are building an interconnected web of professionals wanting to make a difference. The only way to sign-up to the bonfire initiative is if someone told you about it. That's the beauty of it.

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Bonfire Sessions

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 Uppcoming Bonfire sessions 

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 Bonfire members you might meet 

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Oscar Ohlström,

I am very excited about this space since I have been looking for deeper more meaningful conversations on topics of change for ages!

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Svitlana Pinchuk,
Impact Analyst

The way MAD's bonfire initiative helps me grow my network in a meaningful way is truly inspirational.

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Majd Mashharawi,
CEO @ Sunbox

Tuning in once a month is a delight. As I am living in Gaza, it's important to find these safe spaces to connect with likeminded individuals.


Sign-up to the MAD Bonfire initiative 

We are happy that you want to Join us!

1. Sign-up for a monthly membership (pay what you can afford).

2. Get a welcome email with more instructions.

3. Introduce yourself in the LinkedIn group and join our next monthly session.

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