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When the only thing constant is change, and the rate of change is constantly accelerating - memorizing static models soon becomes obsolete. On the other hand, cultivating the capacity to sense and actualize - create - the future, instead of responding to it, becomes pivotal. 

Times of exponential development also means: 1. With every second, your ability to learn and unlearn becomes more and more valuable.​ 2. We need to explore beyond the societal structures and incentive systems that created the challenges in the first place - collectively finding solutions beyond the pre-determined outcomes. Given the state of the world, we simply cannot afford to waste two of the most important resources we have: time and the curious human brain power on coming up with right or wrong answers to questions we already know.  

This brings us to the unique position and power of educators. Now is the time for the creative destruction of an education system that was built to prepare people to enter factories (listen to a teacher and memorize facts) - and instead channel the mind boggling potential - to co-create not only knowledge, but the capacity to push the horizon of what we can imagine and craft evolutionary  solutions that enables mankind to not only survive - but thrive. 


So how do we cultivate this capacity? And in doing so - can we create an education system - a vehicle for learning - that is exponential in itself? We believe so. Therefore - together with ECIU - The European Consortium of Innovative Universities - we are currently creating and testing a whole new educational pedagogy: Focusing all the university efforts to innovation and valorization. Developing the next generation of education that embeds the social innovation processes at the core of its' operation and curriculum. Deriving insights and catalyzing impact not solely as an end state outcome, but throughout the journey, deeply interconnected with radically diverse stakeholders of society. Collectively feeding into a crowdsourced, constantly expanding and developing knowledge repository. A library of knowledge of the learning process itself, as well as the ground breaking tools, approaches, and solutions for the global challenges of our time.  Every hour and moment spent in the education system Making A Difference. Every exercise exploring potential approaches and prototyping solutions to the world’s toughest challenges. ​



Join the Base Camp to meet other mad folks looking to re-imagine and define next generation education. As a part of the Base Camp, you get early access to beta test and co-create emerging tools and models; the gear that equips it's users and explorers to break new ground on both inner and outer expeditions of change. 



Here are the 16 bold universities that constitutes ECIU,

together we are developing the next generation of education. 


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