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MAD Habitats 


Tangible Visions of Preferable Futures explored, tested, and built Today. Inviting citizens, scientists and decision makers to step into and shape safe, just, and thriving futures for all 


habi·tat [ˈhabɪtat]

substantive: "the natural home or environment"

  10 Habitats
in 5 Years

In the unknown futures ahead of us, there are Knowns; To enable everyone to thrive - we need to shift the systems. We need to move beyond sustainable paradigms of reducing harm to regenerative narratives, norms, and normals. Where we thrive in symbiosis and solidarityBecause the planet thrives, because our neighbours thrive.


Therefore, we are embarking on our biggest journey yet; Together with leaders around the world, we are setting out to explore, test, and build 10 MAD Habitates; Habitates that Make A Difference; for the people, plants, and animals that live in them as well as surrounds them. Spaces that invite us all to discover and create not just possible or plausible, but truly preferable futures. Building active and informed hope by recognizing the big challenges we face, imagining bold futures beyond business as usual - and coming together across industries, sectors, and borders.

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Robust and Resilient Futures are Collective Endeavors, products of collective intelligence and action 

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The Places, People and Products needed to Make A Difference >>

Why 10?

to enable thriving futures for all we need to think differently. We need a collective compass. We need the lived experience and expertise from extreme environments -  10 Habitats strategically selected as pockets of the future- places that give us glimpses into alternative futures that will become more widespread soon.

This triangulation of perspectives sets us up to develop the smartest water solutions in spaces of drought and flooding - the strongest stewardship models informed by indigenous practices and cutting edge research. Stimulate and simulate regeneration in urban jungles and rural landscapes. Build new by billion years old biomimicry principles, and retrofit existing structures to create the future of heritage. Reimagining the role of households and the fiber of public spaces. 

10 Habitats that together create the living backbone of a
collective compass that enables us all to navigate towards preferable, safe, and just futures >> 


Combining societal and climatic dimensions in a dynamic framework of technological, economical, social, and environmental innovation to scaffold safe and just transformations: A collective compass evolved through and for an expanding number of thriving Habitats




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the Collective


meet the 
MAD Habitats

Pockets of the Future present today,

evolving for a more juste tomorrow. South to North, East to West, Rural to Urban, Retrofitted to New. Turning pressing societal and climatic challenges into leapfrogging solutions and systems >> 

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Let us know what role you want to play in shaping and building the MAD Habitats >> 

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