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 a House that 

 Makes A Difference 

 built to be climate change reversing & resilient 

 a Safe space for (R)evolution 



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Global Population grows. Biodiversity is under attack. Floods, Droughts, and Migration are increasing. We need houses that can grow as the population grows. Homes that support life around it.  Houses that can float on water, save water and move as we migrate.


Spaces that keep people safe as we work to shift the forces that cause the climate crisis: Transforming Exploitative to Regenerative Systems by changing the rules of the game from within. From a Zero Sum to a Win-Win-Win.


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5 houses    

MAD houses are homes that Make A Difference. Active Houses that are built for, with, and by Active Citizens. 


5 locations

building secure houses in future pockets of extreme climate that is already present today


3 years 

half of the time we have left* 
(we've got 7 years to radically change our way of living, according to the latest IPCC report)




to build local and scale global. impact is multiplied by diversity, and we are looking to partner up with: 

     > Construction firms
     > Resear
     > Landowners 
     > Business Model Innovators
     > Impact Communication
     > Product designers shaping
 Water, Sanitation, Energy & Food systems

 change the System by 

 changing the Building Blocks 

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 Climate Change Resilient 
Built to meet extreme challenges  



grows with the population




rides the


makes scarce
resources abundant


moves as we migrate

>> How can we build for a growth that fosters collaboration instead of competition? Exploring meaningful sharing. A pooling of resources that gives more. 

>> How can centerstaging other species give humans a richer life? A species interdependence that foster resiliance. 

>> How might building for life on water change our view of life on land? Following nature's flow instead of fighting against it.

>> How can building for the extreme heat, droughts, and storms cultivate abundance? How can taking care of little, give us a lot? 

>> How might mobility give us a sense of groudedness? An opportunity to define home not through a place, but a presence. 

 building on the

 shoulders of Pioneers


After half a decade of Explorative Expeditions, traveling and working in Extreme Environments with the most radical and remarkable of pioneers, engineers, leaders, and activists, we've decided to bring it all together. Literally. To the MAD House

Multistakeholder trust-building Labs, Baghdad 

Building Safe Spaces

West bank

Construction Blocks of demolished house rubble, Gaza

Health Services w limited infrastructure,


Medicinal Plants


Decentralized Financial Models, Marica

Temperature regulating Clay, Nairobi

High water table resilient Sanitation, Kampala 

Mobile Solar

Panels, Kaduna

Organic Water Filters, Mpigi

Negotiating Climate Contracts, Brussels

 What's Your puzzle piece? 

 THE MAD METHOD :  Transforming BIG challenges to BOLD opportunities  


Anchored in deep understanding of the challenges and forces that lead us here. Building by leading from preferable futures. Learning from extreme environments present today. Designing together with the people, tech, and insights of the journey partners that brought us here, and welcoming those who want to join us going forward. 

sally illustration.png

Illustration from: Sally, EY Doberman

Climate Change Reversing 

Designed to mitigate and change what's causing Climate Change.

 Turning everything on its head. 


From Detoriate to Regenerate. Reclaiming Common sense as Common practice. Building Business Models that respect planetary boundaries; built not to extract finite resources promising infinite growth. Designing a leveled playing field of Win-Win-Win instead of a Zero Sum game: The more the planet wins, the more the partner wins. 

Illustration from: Space 10

a 3 year expedition  building 5 MAD Houses aiming to unlock systemic change 


innovation that unlocks impact. creating a core, designed to create ripple effects: a continuum  of compounding impact & revenue.  

Lead from the Future

By designing future houses for extreme and future scenarios we are better equipped to create the physical spaces, business models, and communities that run them. Anticipating and actively shaping the future - rather than passively waiting for its arrival.


Design for Extreme Environments

By designing solutions for extreme and vulnerable environments we're pushed to innovate more radical and relevantly.  

Exponential for the sake of making more difference, not for flashy features and functions. Scarce resources force us to focus on critical tipping points. Once we succeed there, systemic change can be unlocked, rather than imposed, and impact scaled by leveraging the forces of the system. instead of fighting them. 


Bring Transdisciplinary Stakeholders onboard 

The more diverse perspectives and experiences we can combine, the better equipped we are at identifying the points that can truly make a difference. Moreover, as we design for change to scale, the further partners that can be incentives to drive the difference together, the stronger the momentum. This is why we are looking for big international players who can replicate the MAD model in their markets. And local players who can give real anchoring and depth, ensuring that what is built is what makes the biggest difference. 




renewable energy with surplus grid, locally sourced material, interenhancing sanitation, water, food solutions, etc. 




experiencing future scenarios today enables us to test and develop services and behaviors that mitigate risks and amplify opportunities - before they arrive 




planet centered models where impact inevitably grows with revenue. for all partners. 

social, financial &

environmental impact 

houses that explore not only what a good life can look like, but that truly seek to change the scene of owning. If houses can generate a surplus of energy, food, water, and financial means, and that surplus be continuously reinvested and reaped; the built-in empowerment and resilience grow as the house and community grow.

 What's Your puzzle piece? 

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