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Change will never again be this slow. Climate, conflict, and technology are some of the areas that drives a continuum of accelerating change. Physical and virtual worlds converging. We won't solve today's challenges with the same mindset that created them. Even less so the challenges of tomorrow. This calls for a radical shift of paradigm.


MAD brings together social entrepreneurs and individuals with the shared desire to Make A Difference around some of the biggest societal challenges of our time, e.g. Conflict Transformation, Environment and Energy, Gender Equality, Health and Education. To enable exponential change in a world where the only thing constant is change, MAD creates evolutionary models and tools to leapfrog development, together with the diverse community. 



We catalyze change across individual, organizational and institutional levels by co-creating interdisciplinary solutions through Think Tanks, Hackathons and Journeys, as well as through MAD Talks, Sessions and Advice. The initiatives are anchored in local high impact Social Entrepreneurs across the world, aiming to unlock their key challenges through exploring alternative realities. 



MAD Entrepreneurs operate in +40 Countries across Africa, Middle East, North and Latin America, Asia and Europe, leading over 60 organisations and businesses that range across industries and sectors. Together, we contribute to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Emelie & Fiona 

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