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 join our community and explore how you can Make A Difference  

​we face unprecedented challenges and the most remarkable of opportunities. equip yourself and come together with others - to meet and shape the future. 

As a MAD Voyager you gain access to our physical and virtual meet-ups, exclusive invitations to our international expeditions, and sneak peeks behind the scenes. You also receive access to MAD tools designed to help you find your own way of Making A Difference.


Over the last 5 years, we've brought people together from +30 nationalities across five continents. Engineers, human rights activists, artists, students, entrepreneurs and everything in between. We'd be thrilled to have You onboard. Join us on our journey!

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 what you get 

Our tools are empirically developed and tested throughout our Expeditions. They also draw on cutting-edge insights from strategic foresight, regenerative paradigms, social entrepreneurship, business model innovation, and speculative design. But that is less important than what you do with it.  This is all about Making A Difference.

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Upcoming Expeditions: 

>> Uganda (June) 

>> Barcelona (Oct)

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 what are the expeditions about?  

Bringing Climate Change Reversing & Resilient Solutions from Pockets of Futures in overlooked places together in the MAD House. A home and safe space for (r)evolution. Set up in partnerships around the globe. 


We're setting out to re-imagine and re-build a space that more than just creates a surplus by exploring actual regenerative and life-affirming paradigms. A House that wakes you up, and Makes A Difference in your Sleep. 

What does a good life look like? For the people living in it, as well as the community, species, and environment that surrounds it. Can the placement of doors foster peace-building? The walls invite interspecies co-creation? Each piece inside connect and show trailblazing work of people outside? The floor set a new scene for owning? And the roof make us look up for the risks and opportunities yet to arrive?





After 5,5 years of Explorative Expeditions, traveling and working in Extreme Environments with the most radical and remarkable of pioneers, engineers, leaders, and activists, we've decided to bring it all together. Literally. 

Climate Change is nearing irreversible tipping points. Social and economic divides are increasing.  We don't have time for new ideas, we need to amplify the brilliant solutions that already exist: The future solutions that already reside in pockets of innovation in some of the most overlooked places: 

The high water table resilient sanitation solutions in Kampala, the mobile solar power in Gaza, the temperature regulating construction clay from Nairobi, and the organic water filters from Mpigi. Perhaps even the decentralized financial models in Maricá, the medicinal plants from Napo, and the experience of building safe spaces in the West bank. 

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Want to join us in building a MAD House?

Become a MAD Voyager to get the latest updates and exclusive invitations to be part of our journey >> 

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