Engage us for MAD TALKS, SESSIONS and ADVICE to ignite sparks of MADness, unlock exponential potential, and craft game changing strategies. 



 Self-disrupt or be disrupted. Innovate like your (and others) future depends on it (it does). 

 You’ve heard it before. But how? 

 Today's challenges won't be solved with the same mindset that created them.  Even less so the challenges of tomorrow. This goes for the biggest societal challenges of our time, as well as your organisation. 

The simple truth is that what brought you here - your strengths and successes - is also what’s preventing you from taking the next big leap. Your inner and outer environment. Meta level industrial dynamics to micro level brain structures. Physical and virtual worlds colliding. Unimaginable obstacles and opportunities. A pivotal point in time. 



 It all seems impossible until it's done  (Nelson Mandela). We know it's not. We start at MAD and go beyond. This is our backyard, our DNA. Catalyzing your development. Anchored in today. Designed for tomorrow.


A community with exceptional high impact MAD Entrepreneurs from +30 countries leading + 50 organisations, transcending industries and sectors. Backgrounds from leading positions within Corporate-, Startup- and Civil society Organisations. Professors, Activists, Ambassadors, and Migrants. Coming together to Make A Difference.



The MAD Models draw upon latest research and are continuously evolving based on the co-creation with the MAD mindboggling community. 





 Engage us for MAD Talks, Sessions and Advice 

 Ignite sparks of MADness, unlock exponential potential, and craft game changing strategies. 

We've learned many things leading up to and building MAD. A journey from corporate board rooms to backpacks.

Insights of how exponential development - within and beyond you and your organisation - can be catalyzed.  

We've clustered them into   4 MAD Conversations we know Make A Difference:   


How tech alone will not drive exponentiality, but requires the often overlooked exponential Mindset, Leadership, Actions and Community. 



How true sustainability is achieved through strategic self-disruption and organic reimagining of oneself. Seeing and daring to go after opportunities of voids. 



How the entrepreneurial mind, coupled with the deep desire to Make A Difference - can catalyze great change both within individuals, teams, larger organisations and society. 


 4. HOW CHANGING THE WORLD CHANGES YOU  (And how changing you changes the world)

Last but not least. We have found this to be deeply true. For ourselves, for everyone within the MAD Community - and for those who chose to engage with us. Explore how the success of an(y) intervention is dependent on the inner environment of the intervenor. 


For all of these topics, we explore emerging futures and how you can move into them through simulations of alternative realities. We depart from your needs, and share bleeding edge MAD Cases and Methods. Every MAD interaction unique. Because the world is ever-changing. The MAD models are organic, continuously evolving, by their very nature. The MAD cases are real stories about seemingly impossible innovations and courageous leadership that transcends. 



We believe there is a spark of MADness in everyone and everywhere.

 >> It doesn’t matter WHO you are 

 Businesses, Governments, Academia, Organisations, Individuals - we've seen them all go MAD 


 >> It doesn’t matter WHERE you are 

 MAD Entrepreneurs and community members operate across all continents 

 (except for Antarctica, and we’d love to got there).