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A Home that Makes A Difference. Built to be climate change reversing & resilient. A Safe space for (R)evolution. 


After 5,5 years of Explorative Expeditions, traveling and working in Extreme Environments with the most radical and remarkable of pioneers, engineers, leaders, and activists, we've decided to bring it all home. Literally. To our backyard

Climate Change is nearing tipping points. Social and economic divides are increasing.  We don't have time for new ideas, we need to amplify the brilliant solutions that exist: The future solutions that already reside in pockets of innovation in some of the most overlooked of places

The high water table resilient sanitation solutions in Kampala, the mobile solar power in Gaza, the temperature regulating construction clay from Nairobi, and the organic water filters from Mpigi. Perhaps even the decentralized financial models in Maricá, the medicinal plants from Napo, and the experience of building safe spaces in the West bank

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 Exclusive screening of our upcoming future prototyping Short Film,

 unique access to pre-sign up for the coming journeys, 

 and some really cool and quirky mad folks! 


 30th of March, 5-7 PM 

An evening that Makes A Difference... 

MAD Location TBD

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Join the Expeditions >>

We're heading back out to visit our pioneering friends in Uganda, Palestine, Kenya, Brazil, and Ecuador. Showing the world their brilliance, enabling their work to get into the hands (gear), heads (tools), and backyards (cool tech) of all of us. To make more difference together. Intrigued to join?! 

 Uganda, In person: June 2023

 Regenerative Business Models 

Explore the next generation climate change reversing and resilient models - hands on. 

 5 days, 28 000kr 

 Palestine, Virtual: Nov 2023

 Safe Space  

How to cultivate Pockets of Peace and Innovation in times and spaces of extreme uncertainty. 

 3 days, 8 000kr 

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Get Your
Start Kit >>

Craving to get started now? Then we've got the Backpack and Starter Kit for you!

Tools & Methods build on a fusion of ecosystemic transformation, business model innovation, strategic foresight, social entrepreneurship, regenerative paradigms, gamification, activism and speculative design. Empirically evolved and tested throughout Pioneering Expeditions in Extreme Environments with Individuals, Organisations & Institutions. 

Equip yourself to shape and meet the future!

 For YOU 

 Identify YOUR Climat Action 

Climate Action Innovation departing from your unique strengths and experiences - put to use where it matters the most. 

 Free Whitepaper

(alt get the white paper for free when you become a member... )  

 For your TEAM

 The MAD Gear  

Access the full tool kit and a tailored simulation to activate your capacity to both meet and shape the future. 

 Full Gear & Simulation, 50 000kr 

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We're setting out to re-imagine and re-build a space that more than just creating a surplus, also explores an actual regenerative and life-affirming paradigm. A House that wakes you up, and Makes A Difference in your Sleep. 


What does a good life look like? For the people living in it, as well as the community, species, and environment that surrounds it. Can the placement of doors foster peace-building? the walls invite interspecies co-creation? each piece inside connect and show trale blazing work of people outside? the floor set a new scene for owning? and the roof make us look up for the risks and opportunities yet to arrive?



 the foundational pillars >>  

We believe in creating a world with ample accessible, sustainable energy that meets the needs of hum

Power & Electricity

Dark Ocean

Water & Sanitation

Image by Kiwihug

Environment & Ecosystem

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

Food Security



Holding Hands

Governance & Rights

Wild Fire

Disaster Resilience


Prosperity & Equality

 some of the MAD Pioneers who shape the future today >> 


 Power & Electricity 

Bringing solar-powered energy to families living in darkness. Turning ashes from demolished houses into bricks of reconstruction. 


 Water & Sanitation 

UN youth representative for SDG 5. Founder of Sanitation Africa, with the mission to offer innovative water and sanitation solutions to underprivileged communities in Africa. 

 stay tuned for further!


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left the Min Max text beneath, to see if there is something we want to radically re-use :) 

want to join the (r)evolution?

Let us know how your puzzle piece can build the bigger picture




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The Numbers: 


we need to innovate how we innovate. 


We won’t solve the global exponential challenges with incremental - or individual - solutions. Instead we need to reimagine - and rebuild - the very way in which we innovate; As long as we optimize for separate agendas and siloed solutions, we risk sub-optimizing the overall societal and planetary (eco)system. We need to transform the no zero sum system - where if one wins, the other loses; a state that inevitably exploits human and natural resources. 


We need to understand the patterns, not just the problems; Identify asymmetric leverage points beyond artificial boundaries and predetermined narratives through radical co-creation. Pooling resources to unleash the collective capacity to pioneer. Not just combining groundbreaking technologies, but crafting pioneering multistakeholder win-win-win business and behavior models, where competitors benefit from collaborating, and passive end consumers becomes start producers and active citizens. Changing the rules of the game from within, by fundamentally aligning incentives. Unlocking systemic change, not imposing it.




Democratizing climate change reversing & resilient Modules


By designing for, with and by the marginalized, and extreme environments we lay the foundation for a shift of power. Building modules and systems that put neither people nor planet in debt. But enables the rise out of it.


Through a frugal innovation approach, we are looking to design the most accessible and viable system,

relevant for as many contexts as possible. With the shortest and highest possible return on investment.


We call it the MAD Min Max Modules; the Minimum Module to unlock the Maximum Value Creation. Building a Water, Sanitation, Food and Energy system that creates regenerative and net positive Social, Financial and Environmental Value:



Increased Health - by access to safe Water, Sanitation, Food & Energy


Increased Independence, Resilience and

Decision making power - by owning, harnessing and deciding over how to (re)investing the value created by the regenerative modules in the contextually most relevant way. 



Strengthened Economic Empowerment - by turning the passive end consumer from a position of debt, to an active start producer of regenerative value, monetizing what has previously been overlooked:


Turning humans waste into Agriproducts. And leveraging Carbon Credits to be payed for the actual offsetting that occurs through more efficient fertilizers, tree plantation and energy production. 



Increased Climate Change Reversing and Resilient Systems - by creating technical, behavior and business models that exists as integrated and regenerative components of the actual ecosystem.


Reducing Carbon and Methane emissions from pit latrines, saving water from flushing toilets, capturing carbon and increasing biodiversity through tree plantation and reducing hazardous from charcoal emission by using bio gas and solar power.



Through our Pioneering Work and Explorative Expeditions, engaging stakeholders in over 30 countries across 5 continents over the last 3 years,  


we are building and testing out Regenerative systems transcending industries, sectors and geographies.


Ultimately realizing the Need and Ways of Innovating how we are innovating. 

On the brink of breakthrough

Though thrilled over the journey that brought us here, what lies ahead gives us real goosebumps.

The Voyage ahead


Through a frugal innovation approach, we are looking to design the most accessible and viable system, relevant for as many contexts as possible. With the shortest and highest possible return on investment


We call it the

MAD Min Max Modules.


a pioneering voyage



Brining brilliant pockets of social innovation together to unlock societal systemic change. Co-creating the MAD Min Max Module. Together with (un)likeminded partners, we are looking to pool resources of 4,5 M USD in matching funds and subject matter experience and expertise across sectors, industries and geographies, to complement and challenge our own.


Simply put: If you think the Min Max Modules sounds intriguing, don't be a stranger - drop us a line and let us know how your puzzle piece and perspective can build towards the bigger picture! 


Being deep in development of our current Regenerative System (more info), we are looking to expand the ecosystem of actors for global scaling, with partner onboarding in 2022, and initiate actual testing of the Min Max Modules across sites in 2023. An overview: 


lack access to safe water





3,6 Billion

people lack access to safe sanitation

world bank

9 years

left to Prevent Irreversible Damage from Climate Change




THE MAD Community



A multi-sectorial approach that aims to build and test out regenerative and net positive models,

creating a surplus of social, environmental and economic value.

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