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Building a radically Inclusive Society through Gamified Exploration
Shaping and Co-creating a New Normal, where all Humans are Represented and Celebrated






The MAD Game & Utopia is being built,

come co-create to make it epic!

When: 28st of October, 2PM-4PM Universal time (UTC) Where: A MAD (zoom) bubble

Register: Drop us a line at hi@MAD.Group 

Fantasy Gaming

Once upon a Time...

... there was a planet, named Utopia - very similar to Earth. Somehow NASA telescopes didn’t spot it, otherwise our story would be a colonization one. There was life on the planet, very similar to the life on Earth, but a bit different, as the local beings had some supernatural abilities. Stil, they had a whole range of problems too, just like the earthlings. 


One day however, all of them turned out to be outshined a big-big one. Big as “a huge asteroid flying towards the planet with the clear intention to destroy it for good”-big. That’s when some magic would be helpful. Local scientists remembered a legendary artefact hidden high in the mountains. The force of it, according to the old tales, was powerful enough to destroy the flying stone. But in order to activate it, certain conditions needed to be met. The whole society had to unleash their superpowers. And that could only be done in a society with a certain level of equality and development. 


Scattered around Uthopia where individuals, beings that was referred to as mad by other Uthopians. Mad because they had spoken of the dangers of the astroid before anyone else had spotted it, but perhaps even more so, because they thought they could do something about it. Make a difference. They where convinced that this was the time and space where the Uthopians could learn from the ancient wisdom, use their latest gear- and their whole selves to not just survive - but thrive. 


You are reading this note because you are one of them. Grab your coat (it’s a bit windy outside), put your boats on and backpack on. It’s time to find and unite with the other mad ones to save Utopia. Strength, Solidarity and Superpowers will be needed.

Crafting a game that explores the interconnectedness between individual and societal development
Playing with what it takes to truly shift the systems



Video Game



This project and Expedition will use the modern art of video games as a tool for empowerment and to promote equality for women, men, non-binary persons and LGBTQ+ people. The project will adapt and expand on the existing To be a Woman anti-discrimination game . The online art and advocacy game provides agents of change with an interactive human rights based tool to inform, educate and engage in the creation of an inclusive, anti-discrimination narrative - promoting inclusive societies (SDG 16), gender equality (SDG 5) and making human settlements inclusive and safe (SDG 11). 

The Expedition will evolve through 4 main phASES: 

1: Research & Data Collection

Collect data on intersectional discrimination through a MAD Virtual Bonfire, Desktop research, as well as Meetings with target group representatives. 


Develop and test out (r)evolutionary Game Mechanics based on the research, enhanced through Living Labs & Think Tanks with target groups & partner organisations. 


Develop the workshop methodology for combating intersectional discrimination, Produce bilingual workshop materials, & train workshops Facilitators. 


Launch Advocacy media campaign, & present the final Project/Expedition results. 

Host presentations on combating discrimination.



Why: We won't solve today's challenges with the same mindset that created them. This is as true for unlocking our own inner dormant pioneer, as for tackling the toughest societal problems of our time. To address the global challenges ahead, we need everyone at their best.

Recognizing we still face challenges affecting the equal opportunities and rights of citizen, with the 2B= (to be equal) Expedition and Game, we focus on the root causes of stereotypes, patriarchal attitudes, and deeply rooted systemic gaps. This project addresses intersectional discrimination where one’s gender identity is combined with other grounds - to promote equality among LGBTQ+ individuals, internally displaced persons and refugees, and national minority groups; ultimately seeking to improve the enjoyment of rights to freedom of movement and expression. This project departs from grass root movements, leverages gaming technologies, and evolves in co-creation with MAD Pioneers from diverse disciplines and sectors across the world. 



What: To combat the inequalities, we embark on a MAD Expedition of developing a Game and Workshop Methodology to: 

  1. Raise awareness amongst youth and citizens by addressing examples of discrimination on multiple grounds, and by making diversity more visible. 

  2. Provide a vehicle for our target group of change agents to increase awareness of Human Rights, Democratic core principles and Freedom of Expression. The target group includes youth groups as well as international organizations and enterprises. 

  3. Provide a platform and space for anyone to explore and develop one’s own narrative and voice as an Active Citizen. 

Collectively all stakeholders in the project will be contributing to a reimagined inclusive society through gamified exploring - the shaping and co-creation of a New Normal, where all humans are represented and celebrated. 



As a global community of change agents committed to Making A Difference we are coming together to catalyze a Self- and Societal Leadership movement. We recognize that the current main stream narrative - seeking instant gratifications, quick gains and viewing the world as a zero sum game where if I win, then you lose - is one of the strongest sources and engines of the challenges we face.


Thus, taking the responsibility to explore and co-create new paradigms and narratives is the foundation for the transformational leadership required to rewrite our story, level the playing field, and open a new prosperous chapter ahead. Regardless if we are looking at the self leadership needed to navigate the quest of realizing ones personal dreams and vision - or reimagining our collective shared leadership to shape new societal systems. These layers are not just connected, they are inseparable: Humans were the ones who built and continues to make up society - and as such, we are also uniquely equipped to change it. A challenge and unprecedented opportunity that lies with all of us. To be the change we want to see. 

Meet the MAD Pioneer & Co-Expedition Leader

for the development of 2B=


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Radnyk is the flagship programme of Stabilization Support Services (SSS), an NGO that endeavours to build the capacity to address the consequences of conflict while ensuring that human rights, gender equality and the protection of vulnerable persons are upheld. Radnyk is based in Ukraine. More info: Radnyk

This project is implemented with support from the Swedish Institute (SI), as a part of their Creative Force program. The Swedish Institute is a public agency that promotes interest and trust in Sweden around the world. We work in the fields of culture, education, science and business to strengthen international relations and development. More info:SI

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