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No Zero  Σ um
an expedition going beyond the ability to sustain

Building (re)Generative (eco)Systems through net positive Living Labs


Co-creating a surplus of social, financial & environmental value by unlocking the respective & Collective Capacity to Pioneer




Come together with mad people, transcending industries and sectors,

to (re)imagine what thriving societal systems can look like 

When: October Where: A MAD (zoom) bubble

Register: Drop us a line at hi@MAD.Group 


Σ um  





This Explorative Expedition depart to Test out 2 fundamental Questions and Hypothesis:


1. Can we co-create (re)generative (eco)systems that creates a surplus of social, financial, and environmental value through NO ZERO SUM? I.e. shifting from a competing and exploiting paradigm to one of collective value exchange and creation, where the sum is bigger than the separate parts? Where we collectively build and test out the next generation societal systems.

2. What capacity and innovation is required to do so? What are the platforms, process, tools, resources and activities needed to build (re)generative (eco)systems? 

We do this through building a creative and safe space; a Living Lab that enables radical experimentation, innovation and development through connecting civil society, academia, government, and the private sector, to explore innovative ways to address global challenges, at a community level  - through 

(r)Evolutionary Inner Leadership via Interenhancing Multi stakeholder methods to Holistic Ecosystems:


At the center lies the societal challenges that will be identified by communities themselves. The communities will also own and drive the solution - this approach is about creating truly sustainable and long-term change, from the bottom-up. 

Civil society is a key actor in identifying, and addressing challenges experienced. They are best placed to recognise their specific contextual challenges: rights violations, climate change, environmental degradation, gender inequality, conflict, shrinking democratic space and beyond. As a platform, we would like to provide the space for civil society to take more risk, cooperate, create, and try out early interventions, and overcome the fear of failure that grips much of society and prevents acting before crisis. We want to create a hub to reimagine the system.

Screenshot 2021-08-10 103501.png



Why: We cannot continue to compete - inevitably exploiting natural and human resources - in a game where if one wins, the other loses. Such a zero sum system fuels a downward spiral that, combined with the exponential development of our time, accelerates the increasing gap of inequalities. 


To truly strengthen society’s conditions for co-creating, establishing and further developing innovative solutions - as well as strengthening the cross sectorial and organisational capacity to create solutions beyond the ability to sustain - we need to level the playing field, by fundamentally aligning incentives, based on real root causes and shared visions - pool resources and activities  to amplify the collective ability to not just survive but thrive.

By moving from competition to collaboration huge advances and positive impact can be made. We want to create a safe space to try and fail, pilot and scale – creating systemic change that truly lasts through multistakeholder engagement.


Much development work is focused on addressing current challenges, this initiative however focus on the ability to leapfrog through developing next generation solutions at early interventions to community identified challenges. Together with actors from different sectors we seek to co-create interventions that put the challenge in the middle, and then look and observe the systemic failures - to find systemic leverage points; an exponential approach.




Building a Living Lab that address 3 Levels, so we can “meet people where they are”.

Some people are ready to hit the ground running and have a challenge in mind, and are primed and ready to innovate, others need to develop in other areas first, before embarking on the innovation journey:   


Offering Camps and Tools to cultivate a Pioneering Leadership.

Street Art

This component focuses on the leadership capacity development required to foster a daring environment, as well as identifying strategic places for asymmetric leverage.


Co-creating innovation Methods through Multi stakeholder Learning Exchange

Wood and Brick Street Art

This component focuses on creating the training, tools, and methods to support and facilitate the “innovation transition”, by developing modules available to a wider audience. This level also creates a virtual space for diverse groups of actors to share and co-create.


A Living Lab puts challenges to the test; building, exploring what regenerative systems can look like. 

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

This component focuses on the actual carrying out of living labs, expanding partner ecosystems. Building and testing out regenerative pilots, distilling insights and feeding back into the whole process.





Forum Civ, SIHI, MAD and many more :) 

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