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Green House


a TASK FORCE expedition
beyond the ability to sustain

With less than 8 years to prevent irreversible damage to the planet, we need to radically (re)align incentives, transforming the underlying force of change to accelerate the (r)evolution of (Re)generative systems.

It's time to summon the overlooked leaders,

The Climate Pioneers.



Youth Activist, Corporate Leaders, Journalists, Human Rights Defenders, Engineers, Artists, Lawyers, Hackers, Doctors, Gamers, Policy makers, Backpackers, Entrepreneus, Chefs, Designers, Teachers ... 
If you are pioneering climate change innovation in your field we are looking for you! 

 Come together with mad people, transcending industries and sectors.
Earn a UBI (Universal Basic Income) for (re)imagining and (re)building societal systems.
Systems that create Regenerative Net Positive Environmental, Social and Financial Value.

Let us know how your puzzle piece and perspective build the bigger picture







We cannot continue to compete - inevitably exploiting natural and human resources - in a game where if one wins, the other loses. Such a zero sum system fuels a downward spiral that, combined with the exponential development of our time, accelerates the increasing gap of inequalities. 

To truly strengthen society’s capacity for co-creating, establishing and scaling solutions beyond the ability to sustain - we need to level the playing field, by fundamentally aligning incentives, amplifying the collective ability to not just survive but thrive. To regenerate. Life affirming systems.

Street Art


a pioneering task force



The Task Force Expedition builds upon a MAD Series of Breakthroughs; a No Zero Sum paradigm where Impact is Multiplied through radical Diversity. Embarking on a journey that is Challenge Driven, Mission Led and Crowdsourced. Pooling resources to unlock the collective capacity to Pioneer. 

We depart from a proven (r)evolutionary MAD framework, designed to unlock systemic change at scale through identifying the underlying forces and the needed (re)alignment of incentives to unlock - not impose change. Combining pockets of siloed social innovation to interenhancing societal systems. Leveraging the assymetric leverage points: an planet centered exponential approach. Connecting Climate Pioneers across civil society, academia, government, and private sector, to build tangible ways of addressing global challenges at community levels. Humans where the ones who built society in the first place, therefor we are the only ones who can change it. 



To build regenerative systems that creates surplus of social, financial, and environmental value.

Shifting from a competing and exploiting paradigm to one of collective value exchange and creation. Ensuring that the sum is bigger than the separate parts. Creating the Maximum Value through the Minimum System. Exponentail Frugal Innovation. Anchored in the local context, designed to self-replicate. In 24 months. 


The Journey that brough us here

 It all seems impossible until it's done.  We know it's not. We start at MAD and go beyond.
Groundbreaking innovation, impact and insights. This is our backyard, our DNA.

These are the Pioneering Expeditions and the MAD Methods they've inspired, tested and proved:



We've brought siloed social solutions together to societal systems, integrating technological, community driven and business based innovation that generate social, financial and environmental value.


Like combining water, sanitation, energy and food systems to enable communities to own and regenerate their own resources.


Designing decentralized fin tech

Decentralised Financing have been around since humans started trading. Since then, much of the technical advancements made centralised power. As the next generation Fin tech, aka Decentralised Finance (DiFi) spreads, we combine accelerating applications with the fundamental yet radical idea of enabling all humans equal opportunity.


Removing thresholds, enabling investment regardless if you have a dollar, millions or no money at all. Regenerative investments growing a UBI (Universal Basic Income). 

Neon Light Sign

(RE)Distributing power & Resources

Together with Youth and Community leaders across 5 continents we've created MAD models for (r)evolutionary leadership. It's taken many shapes, fusing virtual and physical worlds using modern art, activism and advocacy as tools for empowerment and equality. Providing agents of change with interactive human rights based tools. 


Now we take the next step, enabling pro-active activism; the active envisioning of desired futures, direct decision making,  co-development and ownership of societal resources and thus power.  Democratised, distributed and transparent, open for everyone to join.

People and Flower Graffiti


From multinational hackathons and transdisciplinary courses to redesigning entire  education systems to be challenge based, mission led and multi stakeholder crowdsourced, we've had the pleasure and privilege to work with over 20 renowned international Universities. (Re) imagining the very role of education and the power of (un)learning


Instead of putting students in debt to figure out predetermined answers - we are looking to have life long lerners payed and co-owning the very systems of society.

Young Skater Relaxing

Depart from shared root causes, not siloed symptoms

Empirically based on 4 years of Explorative Expeditions
across 30 contries and 5 continents. Proven by the Pioneers.

Understand & Nudge the Underlying forces of change, through identifying Assymetric Leverage Points and Pooling resources

THE PUrpose & Process
Seeing patterns, not just problems

THE Building Blocks
a series of Break-throughs

Co-Design & Decide Guiding stars. Plan to pivot not to stay on course

Anchor 1

Engaging over
+ 35 Nationalities
+ 20 Universities

Ranging Topics Such as: 
- Life affirming Regenerative Systems
- Tech, Business & Community Innovation 
- Conflict Transformation in Pockets of Peace
- Radical Diversity & Gender Equality
- Gamfication against Toxic Stereotypes
- (R)Evolutionary Leadership 
- Intersectional Discrimination & Modern Art
- Utopia, to be Equal
- Activated Citizenship & Direct Democracy 
- Distributed Fin Tech 
- The power of (un)learning
- Migration & Mutual Integration 
- Alternative Realities & Emerging Futures
- Innovate how we Innovate


Journeys   &   PILOTS
Explorative Expeditions across 4 Leaps:
- (Re)generative Systems 
- (Re)distributed Power & Resources
- Designing Decentralized
- (Re)Imagine Lifelong (Un)Learning 

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